LAW: A system of rules that people are supposed to follow in a society or country.
The courts and police enforce this system of rules and punish people who break the law

LAW is a legal code is a written code of law that is enforced.

Lawyer is a professional who studies and argues the rule of law, and has special qualification to represent people in court or other legal action.

In U. States lawyer they used the Attorney and in U.K. they used the Solicitor.

The defense lawyer represents the person accused of a crime.

The prosecution lawyer represents the government side.

Case is a legal action that will be decided in a court of law.
Collocation: Court case> that will be heard in court.
Criminal case> involving a criminal act.
Civil case> under civil law.

Civil law: part of the law that deal with disagreements between private individuals.
Comes from two sources: The legislation (law created by the government) and The Common law (law based on previous legal decision and tradition)

Criminal law: is a system of law concerned with crimes and punishment of criminals.
Most criminal law is based on government legislation.

Contract law: sets rules on agreements to buy and sell items and services.

Property law: Are the states the right and obligations that a person has when they buy, sell or rent homes and buildings.

Trust law: sets out the rules for money that is put into an investment, such as pension funds.

Tort law: helps people to make claims for compensation when someone hurts them or their property.

Constitutional law: relates to the running of government and civil rights.

Administrative law: is used by citizens when they want to challenge government decision.

International law: is used to set out rules on how countries interact in areas such as trade environment or war.

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