We use the second conditional to talks about imaginary situations

We often use it to talk about the opposite of what is true or real

For example:

“If my car had GPS, life would be so much easier (but my car doesn’t have a GPS”.

“If I had enough money, I’d get one for my car”.

The second conditional talks about the present or the future.

The if clause can be first or second in the sentence.

Positive and negative

This is important use this structure:

IF +subjective + PAST SIMPLE, subjective + ‘d (would) / wouldn’t + INFINITIVE

For example: If my car had one, life would be so much easier
                        If we didn’t have it at home, I wouldn’t get any sleep at all.

The phase can came at the beginning or end of the sentence

For example: What would you do?...

The short answers to these are yes or no. For example: Yes, I would. No, I wouldn’t 

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