A surgeon: is a doctor who does operation.

An operating theatre: is the place where you have an operation.

Asthma: is an illness which make is difficult for you to breathe.

A specialist: is a doctor who knows a lot about one area of medicine.

The A & E department: is the part of the hospital where you go if you are an emergency.

An allergy: is a medical problem that some people that/ which can also make you feel sick.

A ward: is a big room with beds in a hospital where patients receive medical treatment.

A surgery: is a building or an office where you can go and ask a GP or a dentist for medical advice.

A GP: is a doctor who/ that gives medical treatment to people who/ that live in a particular area. GP: general practitioner.

A prescription: is a piece of paper that/ which the doctor gives you so that you can get the medicine you need.

An infection: is a disease in part of your body that/ which is caused by bacteria or a virus.

Tips: We can also say that we are allergic to something: My Brother is allergic to fishes.

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